Composite Doors


The look of your front door affects the look of the whole house and it needs to be secure. The main advantage of a composite door is that it looks like a painted timber door. Composite doors have a high quality timber subframe and are made using a variety of materials. They are hard wearing, energy efficient and secure. Thermoplastic skins have solid colour throughout which resists stratching and fading. This hardwearing surface keeps out the weather, drafts and leaks. There is a choice of colours, door styles and wood grain finishes. Glazing options range from classic lead to intricate stained glass and bevels. You also have a choice of accessories for your door e.g. letter boxes.
Composite windows are uPVC inside and aluminium outside. This gives the benefit of the slender look of aluminium outside and the thermal effectiveness of uPVC on the inside. There is a choice of external and internal finish options.

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